Silk Ribbons and roses...what am I doing??  If you've read most of the posts to date, I'm busy painting on a variety of projects, so what do I do when I need a break? I spend time in my rose garden.  I always share my garden with my online friends and followers, and I've written and posted about it my blogs before...but this is where I relax and have space.  My beautiful roses were in full bloom when I got home from Thailand inn November 2012; but sadly because of the heat now in January, my garden is not happy.  So to brighten my day, I've gone to look back on my photos from last November, and I've been inspired to work on an silk ribbon project I started last year.


Ribbon roses, Ingrid Lee

Roses from Ingrid Lee's Garden

This rose isn't finished yet, but it gives you an idea of what I'm doing.  I am using the colours of my roses to create the silk roses on this art work.  I find making these silk works a very relaxing experience, and even though it is still painting and creating, it is not as emotionally and mentally tiring as my other work at the moment; but it is very rewarding.   Clearly, this one rose is not finished...but I hope you enjoy this early stage of the work.  I really enjoy combining painting, traditional embroidery stitches, and ribbons for this style of art, see some of Other ribbon work.


What do you create to relax?  Please share you ideas in the comments 🙂  If you like this picture or post, please share with the likes, pins or tweets below! 🙂

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