Marie Louise Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun

Planning new artwork for 2012.

At the moment I’m planning new artworks for canvas, ribbon embroidery and porcelain…too many ideas and not enough time.

New canvas work is for my exhibition in St Petersburg next year…I have finished assembling photos for inspiration…next to find music, then re-read some of Gogol’s stories, find the poetry I wrote while I was in Russia in October (I’m still looking for it)…and then a day or two of isolation to plan and think!!

Porcelain…I have some dusted flowers to create, and I wanted to start planning my orb spiders paintings next.  I may do some porcelain for my exhibition in St Petersburg…not sure yet.  I still have some porcelain shoes which I want to incporate with ribbon embroidery and tie in the rococco them I’m inspired by at the moment.

Ribbon embroidery I have the ideas organised…and today I had this video shared with me … Continue reading

Ingrid Lee

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