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Can you really learn from a skype demonstration?

Can you really learn from a skype demonstration?

It’s a great question.  From personal experience, I say YES!  I have been studying weekly  Russian lessons with my teacher in Moscow for over 6 months, and it is wonderful!  I am too busy to travel to the city to learn and it doesn’t suit my family commitments for me to travel every week late at night for courses, and I get to learn 1:1 live!

I have taught two skype demonstrations to clients in St Petersburg, Russia.  They were for ribbon embroidery.  One was a few months ago (read about it here), and last week’s live skype demonstration was promoting a new product I am creating with Russian company Rukodelie DeLux.  I will tell you more about this product soon, but basically it is a series of floral paintings I have created… Continue reading

Demo via skype in St Petersburg

It was 4.30 am in Melbourne and I presented a ribbon embroidery demonstration via skype to a VIP event at NeedleDelux in St Petersburg, Russia.   The focus for this demonstration was to look at how to create layered effects in two different styles when working on painted backgrounds.  Here are the two ribbon embroidery projects I presented:

Violet on painted panel, ribbon embroidery, Ingrid Lee

Violets with beadwork on painted panel, ribbon embroidery, scissor fob,  Ingrid Lee


Violet on painted panel, ribbon embroidery, Ingrid Lee


The backgrounds were painted first, the background petals and leaves were created with ribbon stitch to create depth.  I use combinations of organza or silk ribbon (these ribbons are 7mm).  The front petal of the violet is a ruffle, made with 13mm silk ribbon.

Violet on painted panel, ribbon embroidery, Ingrid Lee

Violet on painted panel, ribbon embroidery, Ingrid Lee


 It was wonderful to see some familiar faces from my masterclasses which I taught there in May 2012, and continue… Continue reading

Silk Ribbons and roses…what am I doing??

Silk Ribbons and roses…what am I doing??  If you’ve read most of the posts to date, I’m busy painting on a variety of projects, so what do I do when I need a break? I spend time in my rose garden.  I always share my garden with my online friends and followers, and I’ve written and posted about it my blogs before…but this is where I relax and have space.  My beautiful roses were in full bloom when I got home from Thailand inn November 2012; but sadly because of the heat now in January, my garden is not happy.  So to brighten my day, I’ve gone to look back on my photos from last November, and I’ve been inspired to work on an silk ribbon project I started last year.


Ribbon roses, Ingrid Lee

Roses from Ingrid Lee's Garden

This rose isn’t finished yet, but it gives you an idea of… Continue reading

Tutorial: Painting a background for ribbon embroidery violet flowers

I was so inspired by the violets which are flowering in my rose bed….it’s about the only flowering apart from some Italian Lavender.  But I simply adore violets, and have painted them in different art forms, see my links to my Ingridcreates.com blog and here. 

Paint the background on muslin with acrylic paints, and embroider the violets  on top.  Here are the videos on my youtube channel explaining a detailed tutorial on how to handpaint these.  In this post I’ve included a pictorial step by step,  of how to hand paint on fabric for your ribbon embroidery.


Painted violets on fabric for embroidery


Here is the link to the photo of violets on my twitpix album.   This is the PDF file for the drawing used for this painting.


Video 1:… Continue reading

Creating art in art with porcelain and ribbon embroidery

This project was finished last year, where I creating art with porcelain and ribbon embroidery, but it entailed a lot of problem solving along the way.  Sometimes I like to create a mini artworks within an artwork, so I painted a small porcelain shoe with raised paste  roses and gilding, added gold pen work rose buds, and filled the opening of the shoe with a bouquet of silk ribbon embroidered flowers to complement the paint work.  All of the colours in the embroidery bouquet reflect the colour you see reflected off the gold paint and off the white white porcelain which is why it is more harmonious.  But this project wasn’t going to be as simple as I thought!!

Here is the porcelain shoe

Gold Roses on porcelain shoe, Ingrid Lee
Detail of raised paste rose


Ribbon Embroidery

Here… Continue reading

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