Finally I have time to sit and write about my amazing week in Thailand last year.  During the 8-11 November 2012, I was invited as a guest artist by artist, Helga Jaermann (Painting Teacher at the Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre, and notable master in porcelain painting for over 40 years), to exhibit my porcelain paintings at the Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention in honour of the Queen Sirikit's 80th birthday celebrations.   I won some awards, if you haven't seen them, they are  here, and here.  So what else happened on this trip?  HEAPS!!!!!! I've decided to write three posts one about the art and artists in Thailand, another about an award winning Thai artist who I also bought an artwork from, and this one about Tours, events and hairy pancakes!  I'm going to do a picture story style post with a little bit of description, there are a few videos tell more than me writing- and I could go on and on, believe me!  It was a fantastic experience, and I plan to go back again in the very near future.


Artists Ingrid Lee and Yumiko Kanazawa

If you'd like a thorough detail of this trip day by day, please read my dear friend and sister Yumiko Kanazawa's blogpost about our trip- we travelled together on this trip.  Yumi is a Japanese artist, she won an award too, I love the story behind her paintings and the wonderfully creative journey she is on.


Yumiko Kanazawa porcelain

Yumiko Kanazawa porcelain

I really want to learn her kutani painting, I plan to travel to Japan to learn kutani painting with Yumi and her Master, and see more about Yumi's integration of East meets West painting.


Thailand 2012

We stayed at Dream Hotel, Bangkok...the hotel was fantastic, all of the staff were wonderfully friendly and helpful, we had a very pleasurable stay.  The restaurant food was really great...good atmosphere for late night drinks too.  It is very hot in Thailand, but the hotel was totally air conditioned without fail!

45458_b2 Photo courtesy Dream Hotel website

Views outside of our hotel room




DAY 1:

After a 1+ hour bus ride we arrived at Donkaidee Benjarong Village

I will show more of the artwork from this award winning porcelain painting gallery and studio in the next post.  At this venue, you can stay and study with the artists here also!  Something to think about maybe for the next trip Yumiko?  There are many places in Thailand, with posters and paintings of the beautiful Queen Sirikit, I can see why her people love her so much, and her smile exudes such warmth and friendliness, which is seen in all the people I met with.


Photo courtesy Nielia Ferrier




Very large hand painted wall tile

IMG_0164 IMG_0166



On the riverboat, thankful for the cool breeze and wonderful entertainment form the musicians and dancers!  Did I mention Thailand was hot?


We ate a wonderful banquet lunch on the river...





This is a short video I took of an internal waterfall at the lunch venue....I want this in my studio! Can you imagine such luxury in a workplace??  How relaxing and inspiring.....a dream!

King Rama II Memorial Park  gardens....beautiful~




We then visited a temple and training ground...





Later that evening we attended the opening ceremony...and met BOND!!!!!  Bond Malikaew paints on porcelain as well, and has a very interesting alla prima method 🙂 his works are very expressive.  Bond was an awesome host, and friend to us both, we hope to catch up with him again soon on our travels.


Later that evening, Bond took Yumi and I to the Hotel Sirroco...AMAZING place!!!!! is all I can say...thank you Bond :D.  I loved the skybar! It was a fantastic evening after a really busy day...and we still continued on into the early morning at some fun places.


DAY 2: At TIPP 2012 Bangsai 

We actually did a lot on this day, but I'm saving these stories for my next blog post.  Here is the TIPP convention in Bangsai, at The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT).




Day 3- Guest artist Lunch, Tour to a temple and hairy pancakes

Helga Jaermann, Patrice Frass (editor of Magazine Art and Porcelaine), and me- Thailand Porcelain Convention 2012.  In this photo you can see a little pin which Helga and I are wearing, I was presented with this pin for being a guest artist.  You can see more of the Thailand Trip, paintings by Yumi and myself, and other art works from the whole event in the Magazine Art and Porcelaine.


I actually bought this painting by award winning artist (plate here in the photo below) can read more about that and see the video soon. Here,  I'm speaking to the interpreter.  I spent most of this day talking to artists and shopping....I know that doesn't surprise you 😉  Yes I bought one pair of shoes- slip on ones, because I got nasty blisters and foot swelling from the heat, so my little black patent leather flats were quite useless for comfort.  In saying that I still painfully squeezed my feet in the gold strappy shoes for the Royal Gala Award dinner and presentations- as you do!



Later that day, the feature and guest artists were invited to a special lunch at the Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre.  The food and hospitality was wonderful, and a great venue also.  We got to see lots of Thai artwork, including some contemporary art- you'll these photos in my next post (sorry, there's not enough room in this post!)  Here is just the start of the banquet, the whole table was filled with delicious spicy and hot dishes, fish, lobster, soup...too much to mention.




Some of the feature and guest artists from the lunch....(left) Yumiko Kanazawa, Helga Jaermann, Rocio Borobia, Me, Marie-Clarie Frass, Sudasamorn Suwancharoen , Joerg Kugelmeier, Erika Bemme, Di Curtin, Nelia Ferreira and Beatriz Ramirez. 

nelia3 Untitled-2


Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol (The Great Temple of Auspicious Victory), Ayudhaya, Thailand.

After the lunch we were taken in small groups to a Buddhist temple, which was known as the Royal temple, when Ayudhaya was the capital city back in 1350.  This temple has great historical significance, it was the seat of Buddhist patriarchs and monks who practices meidation and insight.  This temple was named after the Victory of the King Naresuan the Great over the Burmese invasion in 1593.   I absolutely loved this part of the day and the trip.  For me going to any spiritual place always gives me a deep sense of inner peace and calm.  These places for me have different energy and resonance which I feel as soon as I enter them- maybe it's just me.  Whether it was in cathedrals in St Petersburg or Moscow, local cathedrals and churches in Australia, and the Buddhist temple here in Thailand, I always receive a great sense of calm and peace.  This was a wonderful opportunity to be thankful for my journeys, and pray for my family and friends and make that time for quietening the mind and spirit.  I love having the porcelain painting of the Buddha in my home- I find it to be a meditative point in my home to use throughout the day, and brings happy memories, and takes me back the quiet I experienced at this temple.


NEXT! more food

Hairy pancakes 🙂 that's what I called them anyway....these are a fruit flavoured crepe batter- banana, kiwi,vanilla (I think) and some other fruit.  The pancakes are soooo delicious on their own, but then it gets better, you fill them with flavoured and coloured fairy floss (more like persian fairy floss texture).  The floss resembles the texture of silk strands.  You then assemble like a filled crepe, roll it up and eat!  These were freshly cooked and still a little warm, Yumi and I loved them...I ate all of mine, I assure you I was thinking of you all 😉


Yumi, I was tempted to show that picture.....but I didn't 😉

Day 4- Awards and Gala Dinner 

A BUSY day and evening.  Most of the morning was spent doing promotional photos and more shopping (of course!)



Ingrid Lee, Yumiko Kanazawa, Marie Claire Frass, Di Curtin, a great photo of the morning when the awards were announced for the porcelain competition.


Di Curtin was one of the Feature Artists at TIPP, she is the Australasian President of APAT and together with her committee in New South Wales, is organising the next Australasian Exhibition & Convention in Sydney in October 2013.  You can see the painting of Australian flannel flowers in her contemporary style, which Di presented for auction in honour of the Queen of Thailand's Birthday, see Di's photo and  the APAT fan page.  I look forward to seeing many of you at this event, I will be doing some demonstrations there- more about this later.

Below is  Chakrawut Phongkraisrisiri, Helga Jaermann, and Karom Boontem.  These are her award winning students from the Bangsai Painting Station, for the TIPP 2012, you can see their winning paintings and my vase far right.


Later that evening.......the big event!  Here, Bond and I...actually our hair is almost matching- and our clothing compliments too (he a purple coloured sash band)...really the three of us matched!   This was only the start of tonnes of publicity photos for the evening, I was really surprised at how special and BIG this event really was.  I'm still amazed.


Ingrid Lee and His Excellency The Privy Counsellor, Thailand...Here I am talking about my two award winning paintings at the vernissage, prior to accepting the award.




Here I am saying thankyou "Kob Khun Ka" to His Excellency for listening to my Vernissage.


Receiving one of my awards....we had to rehearse the formal acceptance and curtsy.


Can I explain the hair issue, which is bugging me in all of these photos....humidity, a tiny can of hairspray and heat, and I'll repeat humidity again with curly hair do not mix.  I needed more hairspray, and you can only take tiny cans on the plane, and I couldn't get these little cans with super stayfix lacquer...for those of you who know me really well, you'll understand my need to make this comment.


New friendships were made during this trip, and I can't wait to catch up with many of these lovely people again.  Here I am with Sudasamorn Suwancharoen, a lovely woman, and was very hospitable and welcoming. I love her bright coloured clothing throughout the week...her silk suits were impeccable.


Me, Yumi, Ivonne Planos, Audney Thuestad, Helga Jaermann



I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my trip to Thailand.  The next blog post will be about some of the artists I met with and beautiful art works and handicrafts I saw, and there'll be one more after that featuring videos with the artist who painted the Buddha plate I make sure you catch the newsfeed of follow me on my networks (top left of page).

 I'd love to hear what you think about this trip, please leave your comments or share this blog post with your friends, click on the social networks below!  Thanks 🙂


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  1. January 20, 2013 -

    Ingrid - what can I say? A stunning post. I love sharing in people's experiences this way. This was a lovely mix of stills and videos, a lot of fun to read. Thanks so much. And huge congratulations on your awards. Looking forward to seeing more. x

    • January 20, 2013 -

      Fiona, thanks so much for reading and enjoying the post! I think you'll love seeing all of the artworks in the next post. There was so much to see and experience! Thanks for your support. xx

  2. January 14, 2013 -

    Hallo Ingrid, es war schön, Dich in Thailand zu treffen. Leider war die Zeit viel zu kurz, um mehr von Thailand zu sehen. Mit herzlichen Grüße Erika

    • January 15, 2013 -

      Vielen Dank Erika, ich war sehr fröhliches mit dir zu treffen...ich denke das wir zusammenkommen anderes Zeit :) danke fur mein website besuchen. Hugs xxx

    January 14, 2013 -

    My Dear!!!On behalf of Thai people ,I wanna thank your warm and kind writing about THAILAND. My Dearest!!! On my own , I adore every part of You !

    • January 14, 2013 -

      Ohhh, everything was so wonderful!!! Thank you, thank you my dear friend <3 <3 I look forward to seeing more of your painting journey also.

  4. January 14, 2013 -

    And plus your Japanese adventure is waiting for you!

    • January 14, 2013 -

      Yes, I know....I just have to make other things happen first

  5. January 14, 2013 -

    Wow, that's great that you are having 2 demos in Sidney!! Congrats again, sis!!!!! It sounds great to meet you up again in Australia!!! I'd love to go to the vintage shop that you posted on your facebook with you, lol!!

    • January 14, 2013 -

      That's Yo-ko Originals in Melbourne...but there are other places we can go to in Sydney I'm sure.

  6. January 14, 2013 -

    Hi, my dear sis, Ingrid! Thank you for sharing our wonderful trip on your blog! I really enjoyed reading your blog entry, and I really miss you!! I'm looking forward to our next adventure! Your artwork is just amazing! I'm so happy to meet you and have you as my friend! Congratulations on your awards! I'm so glad at the time I was there and could experience what you exact wrote with you! Wasn't it thrilling? We have to start planning our next adventure, do we?

    • January 14, 2013 -

      My dearest Yumi, I'm so happy you liked this post...yes I miss you a lot!!! Will you come to the Sydney Convention? I will be doing 2 demonstrations- one has a little surprise...if not, then we need to plan for somewhere else :) Yes, I loved it, it was an amazing experience, I am surprised we fit so much in only a few days!!

  7. January 14, 2013 -

    Ingrid what an amazing adventure and so very rich in history, beauty and friendship. Well done on your awards - an awesome achievement.

    • January 14, 2013 -

      Jan-Marie, thanks so much for enjoying the post! More about the art work in Thailand next

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