Last weekend I was kindly invited by the President of APAT NSW, Di Curtin, to teach a seminar on unlocking your creativity and exploring new approaches to design for porcelain.   This course Unlock your creativity is part of 9 courses from the art education series, You were Born to create.   There were 24 eager porcelain painters up for the challenge...and it was a challenge!  Click here for more information about this course.  Please see the video at the end of this post, to get an idea of the venue and the course, including a few kind words from two of the participants.

You were born to create- art education series with Ingrid Lee

You were born to create- art education series with Ingrid Lee

Basically all of these courses about design develops your ability to knock down some creative barriers, challenge your mindset about your painting and creativity through a range of activities which I have developed based on my academic research over the past 10 years.  Then to the arty stuff, I have created easy and practical step by step methods of learning art theory in a simple way, so that you can apply it to our porcelain painting medium.  Painting and designing for porcelain is not the same as painting on canvas, so I have tailor designed a course for porcelain painters; so that you can learn to design with a purpose and create a harmonious design which reflects the 7 elements of art and design.

This seminar involved a large group of participants, and we had many examples of the designing activities to learn and experience- each approach to the designs was so different and inspiring.  Well done to everyone for accepting the challenge and learning the best gift an artist can! If you attended this course, you'll remember what that was! 😉  It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone and create, I had a wonderful time and learned a lot from everyone too.

The venue was The Hermitage Monastery in Mittagong, and our accommodation wonderful, the staff looked after us all and made us feel at home.  The food was fantastic, the wine tasting evening was great (they have an open cafe with wine tasting and other preserves on weekends)...and the learning environment was really inspiring.

 Here is the video



AND, one of the lovely participants found my first porcelain painting award in magazine article published in 1995!  I was 19 years old, and won the Edith Sharpe award for best painting under three years of learning.  That was exciting to see- I had lost my magazine, I still have the original drawings I designed somewhere!


I look forward to seeing everyone's designs at the APAT convention in Sydney, October, click here for more information about registration.  Even if you are not a porcelain painter- I'd love to see you there!

FREE porcelain painting demonstration with Ingrid Lee at APAT convention Sydney October 2013

FREE porcelain painting demonstration with Ingrid Lee at APAT convention Sydney October 2013

Next month, I'll be teaching a masterclass on lustre poppies with APAT VIC, at Montrose, click here for more course information and see what they'll be learning.

Learn to Love lustres- poppies with Ingrid Lee

Learn to Love lustres- poppies with Ingrid Lee


If you are interested in learning with me, I am planning bookings for 2014, please read more about all of the porcelain painting courses here.

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