Today I started my ribbon embroidery piece for exhibition and I stuffed up the painted background...HOW??  I changed fabric from what I usually use 🙁    So I thought I'd share my experience quickly of when things go wrong...and how I'm going to try fix it!

Usually I use homespun muslin around $5 AUS per metre for the fabric upon which I is the painting of a previous artwork onto this fabric- good paint control of washes on this fabric.

So why did I change?  Well I couldn't get that fabric anymore, and I didn't want the little flecks in the fabric, so I tried quilter's 100% cotton, it was $18 AUS a metre...look what happened (oh, and did you notice the price difference? 😉 )

All of the paint blurred!!!!  I didn't wash the fabric before hand, as I usually don't do this.  So I dried off the first layer, thinking maybe that will fix a binder into the fabric, and start another layer on bled worse......Not a happy Ingrid I can tell you.  I tried a few more techniques to see if I could get better control of the paint on this fabric...not really, but a few things worked okay.  Instead of washing the paints with float work, I had to paint it on with thinned paint, like a painting..if that makes sense, other wise it just blurred into a circle shape.

So I went back out to the shops, and bought some organic homespun cotton $15AUS per metre...not really better and the painting time was more labour intensive and added another 1.5 hours to my time.  I will have to do more hand embroidery with hand dyed silk thread than I planned, and perhaps layers of organza ribbons for the background leaves and foliage- I really didn't want to have to do this, as it will add again more time to the overall art work 🙁  .  This is a lot more detail than I had planned to have to paint.

By the way the colours are very bold because there will be layered Georgette over the top of areas, and I still need to see the design.  I'm not sure if it is the weave of the fabric being tighter and finer than the muslin which caused this...I have a feeling it is, but I'm not starting again!

Some examples of ideas from other embroideries I have done, to try fix the background flowers and leaves:

You can see the pale chartreuse coloured organza ribbons in between the roses, I will layer these over some of the leaf work and flowers in the background.


The silk thread work on some background petals of daisies



What a pain 🙁  anyway,   I will push forward and see where my creativity takes me.......

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