I was here, this was me.....
then somehow I got here........
Mmmm....new exciting times ahead..........sooooo looking forward to my new journey, releasing the judgement 🙂
It is interesting, because I created an artwork about one of my girlfriend's journeys, about judgement and change....here is an exerpt from the post I wrote about it
"This painting I did a few years ago actually captured the essence of this. I was inspired after a longtime girlfriend came to visit. I just felt that from our chat that she was really grappling with herself still in her early 30′s at the time, not liking how she looked, where she was, insecurities about relationships, not knowing which person she had to be, feeling exposed, trying to find a way out…but really, it was, I think trying to find a way to her authentic self.
This painting hangs in my family room, as a reminder for me about the self judgement I make, though a lot less now as I’ve learned to let go and accept a lot of things about myself (largely influenced by a syndrome I have called fibromyalgia), and most importantly to keep away from the anti-sisterhood who look for more victims to join their group of judgement. "
This quote really summed up this artwork for me at the time:
To look at oneself without any judgement is of the greatest importance, because that is the only way you can understand and know yourself. -Krishnamurti

Emerging verve: Judgement, Ingrid Lee 2007, Acrylic on canvas


At this time, I don't have anything to paint about where I'm going, that's probably why I'm writing....it'll come ;p


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