Why Destiny and Love?

This blog post is a continuation on exploring my next series of art works around the themes of Destiny and Love.  The initial idea for these works stemmed from my last trip to St Petersburg, where (apart from my own exhibition of works which are still there- being taken to another gallery soon 🙂 ) I was asked to paint about my inspiration or reflections about Dostoevsky's writings, as I had already done a painting reflecting Gogol's "The Portrait" for my exhibition in SPb...thanks Valeri Ivanov ;).   I did not have a lot of time to paint my impressions during my stay, but I decided upon an artwork which was inspired by Dostoevsky's short story "White Nights."

I hadn't read this short story before, but I am thankful for my meeting in SPb with the brilliant photographer Nikolay Krusser (his Fan Page on facebook) for this suggestion, and our chat about destiny and this piece of literature.  After I had read the novel and analysed my notes about the concepts, I wrote a short interpretation of what inspired my thinking around the major concepts Dostoevsky explores to then allow the images to form in my mind over the next day.


“Dostoevsky- White Nights” 2012, Ingrid Lee Acrylics

One fleeting chance with love in a city so familiar, yet so lonely- is it destiny? Dostoevsky explores the notion of love, loneliness and destiny, in the short story ‘White Nights.’ In this painting, the ‘yellow’ city of St Petersburg surrounds us with warmth and familiarity, but the endless dreaming and feelings of isolation from both the city and the possibility of finding love for the narrator in this story, eventually leads him to loneliness.

While he dreams of finding love in a city which is becoming alien to him, these dreams appear to come true. So the depths of his passion envelopes his soul, and when he finally reaches out to his one love, it is questionable as to whether this relationship will fulfil his destiny and end his loneliness. Sadly this love is unrequited, and there emerges the darkness of loneliness, in a fleeting moment of finding love.  Ingrid Lee May, 2012.


Here is a small part of the art work I painted for the White Nights piece, originally it was to be a diptych, but I ran out of time to complete the second painting...but now I will repaint a new version of this where I have time to think about the clarity of my expression; and perhaps the ideas are better expressed over a few paintings.


I liked the initial raw response to the concepts I explored...how ever now I have had time to think more cohesively about a bigger picture and story, rather than one isolated impression.

My painting of "The Air That I Breathe" as discussed in a previous post, and "White Nights" stem from understandings about love, self love and what is destined on that journey; it is these understandings which will draw a common thread through all of the art works in this series.  To read more about my inspirations of Love, please read a series of blog posts I wrote for my other website Ingrid Creates

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Please let me know what you think about my work or creative processes in the comments, I'd love to hear from you 🙂

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