Just sharing a commissioned painting of Yellow bearded Irises on a porcelain tile (framed), which I delivered yesterday...the photos are a bit yellow as they were taken in the client's home- no fluoro lighting, and you can see some of my reflection in the glass...sorry! 😉  I forgot to take pics earlier!   I enjoyed painting this piece, the colours are really fresh.  Now to paint another porcelain tile in a similar style of poppies for them, another favourite flower of mine to paint!

Yellow Irises on Porcelain tile, Ingrid Lee 33cm x 23cm


If you are interested in commissioned art work or Masterclasses, please contact me.

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  1. [...] between the artist/business and client relationship.  Here is the painting with yellow irises, see here, and they wanted to commission a second painting to complete their art display for a formal lounge [...]

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